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This Housekeeper’s Shower Cleaning Hack Is Genius

A woman picking up a dishwashing brush, adding dish soap to it, and then placing it in a shower while giving a thumbs up.

No one likes cleaning the bathtub. Okay, someone out there probably does. But as most people would rather go in for an elective root canal, this new shower cleaning hack has gone viral.

TikTok content creator, @vaneamaro91, unveiled an easy, everyday cleaning hack for your shower or tub that’ll make the days you need to deep clean few and far between.

In her video below, she recommends filling a dishwashing brush with dish detergent and vinegar. Then, simply leave the brush in the tub and use it to do a quick clean while you shower.


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With this hack, your soap mixture will be ready to go as soon as you step inside, and the brush makes cleaning a breeze. Sure, your tub might not get the deepest clean ever, but this is an awesome way to keep it in shape between deep cleans.

It’ll also delay the necessity of having to get into the nitty-gritty cracks and crevices. But when you can’t put off that serious scrubbing any longer, here’s how to do it right.

[Via Hunker]

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