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14 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Air Fry

Spaghetti squash by Everyday Family Cooking, air-fried bagels by Gimme Delicious, and air-fried Oreo cookies by I am a Food Blog.
Everyday Family Cooking/Gimme Delicious/I am a food blog

You bought an air fryer for its ability to transform fresh and frozen foods into crispy treats with way less oil. But the secret is out—your air fryer can do way more than just cook fries and chicken nuggets!

From juicy burgers and fluffy baked potatoes to chewy bagels and fried Oreo cookies, we’re wondering if there’s anything an air fryer can’t do!

This genius appliance is excellent for anyone who loves crunchy foods, but not all the unhealthy calories that come with them. We’re going beyond the classics to show you all the delicious snacks and meals your air frying contraption can make.

The Air Fryer I Use at Home

Someone opening a compartment to the Ninja Foodi two-basket air fryer filled with chicken wings on one side and perfectly crispy brussels sprouts on the other side.

We’ve been using the Ninja Foodie two-basket Air Fryer at least once or twice a week since we got it, and we love everything about it. The large-capacity air fryer may be a bit over the top for some, but the two baskets and extra settings make this a purchase worth every penny to us.

The match cook setting means you can fill both baskets and cook using the same temperature and timer settings or cook two different foods with different settings. It’s super easy to clean, and I can do things like dehydrate foods and extra herbs from my garden.

We’ve done everything from crisping bacon and juicy burgers to air frying a gorgeous salmon filet and homemade sausage! Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it below with 14 recipes that will have you using your air fryer as an all-in-one oven, fryolator, and toaster.

Italian Meatballs

A plate of spaghetti tossed in red sauce topped with air fried meatballs.
Air Fryer Eats

Make meatballs without ever preheating your oven again! The air fryer method means you won’t have to warm your entire kitchen up and will have delicious results in less than half the time.

Feel free to follow the ingredients for this recipe or make your own homemade version. You might need to adjust the cooking time based on your own recipes. Regardless, this is perfect for throwing a quick spaghetti and meatballs dinner together for the entire family.

Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Eats

Personal Pita Pizzas

A pizza cutting board topped with sliced personal pizzas from the air fryer.
Stay Snatched

There are lots of ways to use the air fryer for pizza. If you have a few mini frozen pizzas to cook, use the air fryer on the baking setting, as the air fryer setting might crisp the outside up too quickly and result in burnt pizza.

The air fryer is the absolute best method to crisp up a leftover slice or two of pizza, so don’t you dare go to the microwave, and don’t waste your time preheating the oven.

Otherwise, make your very own personal pizzas using pita bread as the crust, jarred sauce, cheese, and of course, pepperoni.

Get the Recipe: Stay Snatched

“Hard-Boiled” Eggs

A cutting board topped with multiple halved hard boiled eggs fresh out of the air fryer.
Spend with Pennies

So, full disclosure: These technically aren’t hard-boiled, but you’d never know it after having one or two. These air fryer eggs have perfect whites and gorgeously rich yolks, cooked soft, medium, or hard—your choice.

Wondering why your eggs always have a green ring around the yolk? You’re cooking them for too long. So, be sure to plunge your eggs in ice-cold water right after you take them out to stop the cooking process. It’s a tried and true method.

Get the Recipe: Spend with Pennies

Baked Potatoes

Two images: The left image is of three Russet potatoes placed inside the compartment of an air fryer, and the right image is of the perfectly tender and fluffy baked potato topped with butter and fresh parsley.
A Pinch of Healthy

Looking for perfectly tender, fluffy baked potatoes? These are so delicious. All you need is a pat of butter, a little salt, and pepper, and you are ready to go. Otherwise, make a baked potato bar at home and let everyone load them up with their favorite stuffers.

It’s the best way to get your favorite side dish out on the table (in less time) without heating the whole house with the oven.

Get the Recipe: A Pinch of Healthy

Fried Ravioli

A plate of air fried raviolis garnished with fresh basil leaves accompanied by a side of marinara dipping sauce.
The Wicked Noodle

Fried ravioli bites make a delicious snack or lunch, especially when paired with a good movie. Otherwise, make these on your next get-together with friends.

All you have to do is dip the ravioli in an egg and milk mixture, followed by bread crumbs, and then air fry away! Serve with marinara and enjoy each mouthwatering bite.

Get the Recipe: The Wicked Noodle

Homemade Potato Chips

Homemade air-fried potato chips.

Homemade potato chips are super fun to make, and the tasty results are rewarding. After using a mandolin to slice the potatoes, you just soak them, pat them dry, then let your air fryer do the rest.

Get the Recipe: Momsdish

Spaghetti Squash

An air fried spaghetti squash sliced in half sitting on a cutting board.
Everyday Family Cooking

By now, you’ve probably learned every way to cook whole spaghetti squash, but have you tried the air fryer method? It’s faster than the oven and boasts a lovely crisp top and tender strands of spaghetti on the inside.

This recipe covers everything from choosing the best squash and preparing it, to how to cook it in your air fryer.

Get the Recipe: Everyday Family Cooking

Tender Salmon

Maple soy air-fried salmon on a plate topped with sesame seeds, with a side of brown rice and broccoli.

This maple soy salmon recipe is out-of-this-world delicious! We’ve been enjoying salmon this way for years now, but previously, we cooked it in a skillet.

For this recipe, you bathe the succulent salmon filets in a maple syrup/soy sauce marinade for about 30 minutes, and then air fry for less than 10 minutes.

Serve it with some jasmine rice and veggies for a delicious meal. You can also cook salmon with a quick olive oil and spice rub combo if you don’t want to marinade it.

Get the Recipe: Skinnytaste

Juicy Burgers

Two side by side images of homemade burgers. The left image is of a put together burger stacked with pickles lettuce and tomatoes, and the right image is of four burger patties that just finished cooking in an air fryer compartment.
Spend with Pennies

Whip up some quick burger patties, using 80/20 beef, seasoning, and a dab of barbecue sauce in this super-simple recipe.

You just place your patties directly in your preheated air fryer, and you’ll have a few burgers ready in less than 15 minutes. If your air fryer has two compartments, make some fries on the other side while you’re at it!

Get the Recipe: Spend with Pennies

Grilled Cheese

Two images: The left is of a woman holding a grilled cheese sandwich and fulling it apart for an ultimate cheese pull, and the right image is of the sandwich stacked to show the gooey cheese on the inside.
The Recipe Critic

Grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food when you don’t feel like cooking. Now, you can even take comfort in making your favorite Sunday afternoon meal in the air fryer, too.

You just need a little bit of butter and mayo on the outside and your favorite gooey cheese for melting on the inside. Don’t forget to pair it with a classic tomato soup.

Get the Recipe: The Recipe Critic

Classic Meatloaf

Two side by side images of meatloaf. The left image is of an entire loaf topped with a scratch sauce in an air fryer compartment, and the right image is of the sliced meatloaf with broccoli ready to serve the family.
Food Lovin Family

Believe it or not, your air fryer can also cook a whole meatloaf for the fam. Feel free to use your own family recipe, then just follow the tips and instructions here for the air fryer. It’s the perfect way to keep the heat out of the kitchen.

If you’ve never made meatloaf, this recipe is a great place to start. It calls for all the classic ingredients and delivers deliciously moist, tender results every time.

Get the Recipe: Food Lovin Family

Chewy and Soft Bagels

A large capacity air fryer compartment filled with four separate homemade bagels, each topped with different seasoning toppings.
Gimme Delicious

Still skeptical about this incredible appliance? These bagels will surely change your mind. Don’t skim past this one if working with yeast scares you off because these bagels don’t use that ingredient.

Greek yogurt, flour, baking powder, salt, and an egg are the five ingredients that make up these deliciously soft breakfast treats. Choose your favorite seasoning, and don’t forget the cream cheese.

Get the Recipe: Gimme Delicious

Air-Fried Oreo Cookies

A bowl full of air-fried Oreo cookies.
I am a food blog

Move over fryolator! We’ve got one heck of a guilty pleasure recipe sans oil that’ll make your taste buds sing.

There’s no easier way to enjoy your favorite fair food than at home with this hack that went viral on TikTok earlier this year. And yes, they taste as delicious as they look.

Get the Recipe: I am a food blog

Crispy Bacon

A white plate full of juicy and crispy slices of air fried bacon.
Natasha’s Kitchen

You can cook bacon in the microwave, oven, skillet, or even the waffle iron. But, now, your bacon cooking endeavors shall lead you straight to the air fryer!

With just a quick press of a button, crispy bacon will follow. And the best part is there’s no flying grease and it’s an easy cleanup.

Get the Recipe: Natasha’s Kitchen

Now that you have all these new recipes to try in your air fryer, you might want to see if any of these accessories for this handiest of appliances would make your life even easier.

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