Something Smells Like Peanut Butter: It’s Reese’s Makeup!

Reese's makeup collection, including palettes, lip balms, and brushes.

Hot on the heels of other food brands making the leap into cosmetics, Reese’s has followed suit. If you love those peanut butter cups so much, you want to sport their colors on your face, you’re gonna love this!

Hershey/Reese’s collaborated with HipDot, the same company that brought you the Peeps and Spongebob Squarepants makeup collections, to create the new cosmetics. The HipDot x Reese’s collection features two eyeshadow palettes for $16 each in White or Milk Chocolate.

Yes, this might sound odd (and it is). However, the shades are a mix of popular neutral browns, warm oranges, and golds in matte and shimmer formulas. This makes them far more wearable for every day than the bold, pastel hues of the Peeps collection.

There are also two scented lip balms for $14: Chocolate Lovers and Peanut Butter Lovers. Both provide a sheer wash of neutral color and smell like their respective themes. Finally, you can also grab a set of two dual-ended brushes for $16.

If you’re a huge Reese’s fan (or you just love the colors), you can get the whole collection for $74 in a limited-edition makeup bag featuring the iconic Reese’s logo.

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