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The One Thing You Might Forget While Spring Cleaning

A woman suffering from allergies while vacuuming.

Spring is the ideal time to give your home a deep clean. Unfortunately, stirring up all that dust and dander can be a nightmare for those who suffer from allergies.

Dr. Tania Elliott, an allergist and immunologist, told Apartment Therapy that people often forget spring cleaning can really trigger their allergies thanks to dust mites, animal hair, and dander.

Moving furniture around, dusting, and just general cleaning stirs up all of the above. They then float around in the air, come in contact with your poor body, and trigger a reaction. Sneezing, a runny, itchy nose, and irritated eyes are all signs that cleaning has potentially flared your allergies.

To avoid these types of reactions, Dr. Elliott said it helps to recognize the triggers so you can at least try to prevent them from happening. For example, she recommends using a damp rag rather than a dry one, as this helps prevent particles from flying into the air.

Also, changing clothes when you’re finished can help you avoid irritants, as can using an air purifier or wearing protective gear, like an eye shield.

Once you’re suited up, it’s time to attack that dirt and grime! If you need a plan, we’ll help you break things down by task with our Spring Cleaning Challenge.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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