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The Most Flattering Sunglasses for All Face Shapes

Images of three different women wearing different styles of sunglasses
SOJOS/WearMe Pro

Obviously, sunglasses are a must-have summer item, but how do you choose the perfect pair for your face from the enormous array of options? That’s why we’re here! We’ve taken this summer’s hottest sunglasses and matched them with the face shapes they’ll flatter most.

Generally, when shopping for new sunglasses, your best bet is to find frames that contrast your face shape. For example, a round face looks best in angular or square glasses, while a square face will be more balanced out by round-shaped glasses, and so on.

No matter what your face shape or fashion sense is, though, there’s definitely a perfect pair of sunglasses out there for you!


Two women wearing cat-eye sunglasses
WearMe Pro/SOJOS

Cat-eye glasses are back in style again, and with good reason. They’re flattering on most face shapes, thanks to their rounded-then-pointed frame shape, and they add a little extra character to any outfit.

There’s also a slightly retro vibe to cat-eye glasses, which were a popular mid-century trend and have stuck around ever since, but you don’t have to look like you’re going to a ’50s costume party to appreciate the style!

The YOSHYA Retro Narrow Cat-Eye Sunglasses are as simple as it gets: a classic cat-eye frame in a variety of colors. The transparent frames are fun and mod, and their shape is a bit narrower and more teardrop-shaped than some of the other options. These really lean into the retro aesthetic.

Get a more updated look with the WearMe Pro Cat-Eye Mirrored Sunglasses. These have thin frames and are larger and rounder, with just a hint of the cat-eye shape to add interest. If you like having colorful lenses, these are the glasses for you! They come in several brightly colored, mirrored lenses along with traditional tints.

If you prefer thicker frames, try the SOJOS Retro Vintage Cat-Eye Sunglasses. They’ve got a slightly broader shape, plus a wide frame that looks very glamorous, whether in a solid color, a tortoise pattern, or a two-tone.


Two women wearing aviator sunglasses

Aviator glasses are absolute classics with a retro vibe that doesn’t look blatantly mid-century. They work pretty well with any face shape, but square- and heart-shaped faces will look especially good, as the sleek rounded edges of the glasses will balance out the angles.

For a classic shape with UV protection, the Livho Polarized Aviator Sunglasses are a great choice. With polarized lenses in a variety of colors, you can protect your eyes in style! In the center of the frames, there’s a high nose arch for maximum comfort and style, rather than the straight or gradual curve found on other designs.

The SOJOS Classic Aviator Sunglasses come with delicate metal frames and a variety of reflective, colored lenses to choose from. The shape might be classic, but the different color options give you a more modern, customizable look.

The LUENX Aviator Sunglasses have a slightly straighter frame design, with the nose arch almost completely flat for a more angular look. They’ve still got all the classic aviator features, they’ve just been subtly tweaked. These are available in several lens colors, including unexpected bold brights!


Two women in white shirts wearing round sunglasses
SOJOS/WearMe Pro

Oval and square faces will work the best with round glasses (which are not to be confused with wider oval lenses). A smaller size and true circle shape flatters an oval face, while square faces look great with a softer, shorter curve. Round glasses also have a bit of a boho or hippie vibe, so they’re a perfect choice if that’s your personal style!

Smaller round sunglasses, like the SOJOS Small Round Retro Sunglasses, are very in style this year. They feature very thin wire frames around small round lenses, which come in both neutral gray shades and beautiful colors like pink, blue, and green. Made from super-thin stainless steel, the glasses are comfortable and lightweight, but strong and durable.

For polarized round sunglasses, try the WearMe Pro Round Trendy Sunglasses. They’re a versatile, midsize style, with thin wire rims. They’re available in a few different colors, including reflective pale pink, sky blue, and bright green.

The SA106 Joplin-Style Round Sunglasses really embrace the hippie style. These perfectly round lenses (which come in several different, reflective colors) are surrounded by gold or silver wire frames. They’re a bit on the larger side, with a fun 1970s, bohemian feel.

Shield or Square

Shield-shaped sunglasses on a blue surface; a woman wearing sunglasses

Shield or square sunglasses are always in fashion! A slightly blockier style, with either an angular or rounded-rectangle look tends to look best on round or heart-shaped faces. Ovals can wear them too, as long as the glasses don’t overwhelm your smaller, narrower face shape.

The OLIEYE Vintage Shield Frame Sunglasses are stylish, versatile, and perfect for any summer occasion. Think of shield frames as a cross between square and cat-eye frames; they’re a bit larger and taller, but narrow slightly toward the upper corners and lower edge. These glasses come in a variety of frame and lens colors to go with any outfit.

For a more square look, we love the AOMASTE Retro Square Polarized Sunglasses. These rectangular frames are softened a bit by the slightly rounded edges. They also come in several different lens/frame color combinations, all with polarized lenses.


A woman wearing oversized sunglasses; several oversized sunglasses sitting on a white surface

Want to add a touch of glamour to your summer days? Oversized sunglasses can create that “I’m a celebrity, incognito” vibe. Generally, these large glasses look best on round, heart-, or square-shaped faces. Those with narrower oval face shapes might be overwhelmed by the deliberately large, statement-making frames.

If you prefer a more rounded style, try the Joopin Polarized Big-Frame Sunglasses. They’re scratch-resistant, have an oversized, rounded shape, and the midsize frames come in both solid and transparent colors. Polarized with UV protection, they can stand up to even the brightest summer rays and give you that glamorous touch of style you’re looking for!

The TAOTAOQI Vintage Oversized Sunglasses combine the oversized trend with angular, square glasses, which tend to look best on round and heart-shaped faces. Featuring chunky frames and reflective lenses in several colors, these are the kind of glasses that will definitely make you stand out!

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