Cleaning Might Make You Smarter

Someone cleaning a table with glass cleaner.

Dreading spring cleaning or being reluctant to do the weekly dusting and vacuuming might be derailing more than your general productivity. Keeping your home tidy might actually improve your intelligence.

While a clean, sparkling home is nice, the act of getting it there isn’t—unless you enjoy the process, in which case, feel free to drop by my house any time! However, research suggests that chores could improve your intelligence as you age.

Researchers at the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care examined 66 older adults for connections between household chore activity, brain size, and cognition. Each participant was screened and found to be both mentally and physically healthy. They were then tested with brain imaging and for cognition.

The study found that those who regularly engaged in chores had larger brains, which is also linked to stronger cognition.

According to researchers, this is likely due to the other ways in which physical activity later in life helps improve brain health. Most household chores require some form of movement, and therefore, also provide some light exercise, which can improve the cardiovascular system. Healthy heart function is also linked to stronger cognition.

So, next time you want to skip doing those dishes, you’ll have another reason to tackle them! Cleaning isn’t the only thing that can improve your health as you age—turns out, this popular hobby is good for you, too!

[Via Ladders]

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