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10 Edible Mother’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Just Chocolates

a plate of cheese, crackers, and nuts/assorted decorated cupcakes/salami wrapped into the shape of a bouquet
Mouth/Georgetown Cupcakes/Olympia Provisions

Want to get your mom something a little different this year? Opt for a Mother’s Day gift she can eat … something that isn’t just another box of truffles.

Some moms have specific material items in mind when it comes to what they want for Mother’s Day, others will say that they already have way too much stuff. If you have no idea what to get your mom when it comes to jewelry or clothes, there’s always the option of an edible gift.

Sure, food gifts don’t last forever, but they’re delicious in the moment, so that makes them completely worth it. Plus, sometimes edible gifts are more an experience than just another present to open, which makes them extra fun. Here’s a look at some of the best Mother’s Day gifts that your mom will love digging into.

Saxelby Perfect Cheese Board

wooden cheeseboard with an assortment of cheese, jam, and crackers
Saxelby Cheese

Who doesn’t enjoy a great cheese board once in a while? Make it easy for your mom to put together her own delicious board whenever she wants a break with this Saxelby Perfect Cheese Board gift. It comes with everything she needs, including the board itself.

Your mom will get three different cheeses: Kunik (a tripe creme that is the brand’s most popular option), Alpha Tolman (a savory Alpine-style cheese), and Bohemian Blue (a peppery sheeps’ milk cheese). It also comes with Quince and Apple figs and black tea preserves and a box of Fine Cheese Co. olive oil and sea salt crackers. The bamboo board and travel cheese knife make this a breeze to put together.

Maple Craft Foods Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Kit

two bottles of maple syrup with a bag of pancake mix in the center
Maple Craft Foods

If your mom is more into breakfast foods than fancy cheese plates, then this Maple Craft Foods Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Kit is perfect. Affordable and delicious, this will help your mom whip up a wonderful breakfast (or brunch) in minutes, and it will last a while, too.

The set comes with a bag of New England style buttermilk pancake mix (it can also be used to make fluffy waffles), as well as two types of Maple Craft syrups: blueberry and bourbon maple. These are real maple syrups from Vermont that taste incredible and will quickly become her new favorite.

Bateel Cassandra Rectangle Gourmet Date Gift Box

gold gift box full of stuffed dates

Opt for something more unique by gifting your mom a box of fancy stuffed dates. This Bateel Cassandra Rectangle Gourmet Date Gift Box is the company’s most popular offering for a reason: It’s filled with a variety of amazing stuffed dates that anyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate.

Bateel dates are premium quality fresh dates (so they’re nothing like the dried dates you might see in a bag at the grocery store). These are stuffed with nuts and chocolate, but you can choose whether you want plain dates, a mix of plain and filled, or all chocolate dates.

Georgetown Cupcakes Mother’s Day Cupcake Box

an assortment of frosted cupcakes
Georgetown Cupcakes

There are cupcakes, and then there are Georgetown Cupcakes. The DC-based bakery makes some of the most delicious cupcakes ever, and you can find a variety of flavors in this Georgetown Cupcakes Mother’s Day Cupcake Box. They’re so good, you’ll probably steal at least one for yourself.

The heart-shaped pink box holds 12 different cupcakes, one of each flavor. Flavors include raspberry lemonade, salted caramel, marble brownie fudge cheesecake, and peanut butter fudge. They’re decorated nicely, and they stay well in the fridge. And, seriously, they’re the best.

Atlas Coffee Roasters Subscription

three colorful bags of ground coffee

If your mom can’t get through the morning without a cup of great coffee, then she probably could always use more in her house. The Atlas Coffee Roasters Subscription is the gift that keeps giving, and coffee-lovers will really appreciate it.

Each box comes with a bag of highly-rated single origin coffee from around the world, with a postcard from the country, tasting notes, and brewing tips for each batch so you can learn more about it. You can chose to get a half bag, single bag, or two bags for each box, and you can pick whether you want ground coffee or whole bean.

Nudo Adopt An Olive Tree

three tins of olive oil with a book and pamphlets laid out

Olive oil might seem like a weird gift, but trust us on this one. Anyone who cooks often can almost definitely always use some new olive oil, and Nudo is a delicious choice. The award-winning Italian olive oil is so good, and comes in the prettiest packaging that will look beautiful on the counter.

The Nudo Adopt An Olive Tree gift is a little bit more than just olive oil: you’re also having your mom adopt an olive tree in her name. The set comes with a personalized adoption certificate and welcome booklet, and they get to choose their olive grove and receive its harvest oil. They’ll get regular updates on how the tree is doing, as well as 20% off future purchases.

Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet

salami wrapped in brown packaging tied in a ribbon to look like a bouquet
Olympia Provisions

Why gift a bouquet of flowers when you could give a bouquet of cured meat? This Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet is a fun twist on a classic Mother’s Day gift, and the foodie mom will love it.

The bouquet comes with gourmet salami wrapped in a ribbon-tied arrangement. You can choose between three or six sausages. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s so good.

Sfoglini Seasonal Pasta Subscription

two different boxes of Sfoglini pasta

The Sfoglini Seasonal Pasta Subscription is the perfect gift for anyone who is pasta-obsessed. If you’re not familiar with the brand, Sfoglini is 100% organic Brooklyn-made pasta that is made from locally sourced ingredients. Don’t expect just your typical penne—Sfoglini comes up with unique flavors and shapes that are so different than typical dried pasta.

The subscription can come every month for three months or six months, and each shipment comes with a box of their signature pasta and a box of a seasonal variety (think chili pepper in August or fennel in October). It also comes with recipes and pairing suggestions from a chef.

Mouth Picnic In A Box

a box of assorted packaged snacks next to a snack plate of cheese and nuts

Treat your mom to a picnic with this Mouth Picnic In a Box gift. It’s packed with artisan snacks and goodies that are ideal for bringing on an outdoor adventure … or even just for sitting outside on your patio.

Each of Mouth’s boxes are curated to perfection, and this one is no different. It comes with cheese, two different types of crackers, a fig jam, sea salt and pepper pistachios, salami, shortbread cookies, and a savory tapenade. Basically, it’s everything you need for some gourmet snacking.

Godiva Spring Assorted G Cube Flower Tin

a gold, pink, and blue flower shaped tin filled with individually wrapped truffles

Okay, fine, we had to add at least one box of chocolates to this list. Chocolates are an absolute classic and will always remain that way, and it’s just what some moms want!

This Godiva Spring Assorted G Cube Flower Tin is a pretty way to box up some delicious Godiva chocolates and give them as an easy, affordable gift for Mother’s Day. The flower-shaped tin holds an assortment of 32 truffles that make the best treat.

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