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This Unexpected Hack Can Keep That Pantry Organized

A woman holding a bowl of apples and picking a jar of the shelf in a pantry.

If you’re anything like us, your pantry is in constant need of reorganizing. According to one expert, though, there’s a hack for this you probably aren’t doing that can help you keep things tidy and stocked.

Emily Henderson, a professional organizer, recommends using a system called “pantry hierarchy.” It means you simply arrange your items so the things you use most—like dry goods, spices, and oils—are always readily available. When you do this, you create a system that’s easy to maintain.

Within her pantry hierarchy, however, Henderson also decants. To decant, you simply remove items from their original packaging and put them in new, clear containers. Henderson understands the skepticism around the practice. Color-coded, perfectly aligned shelves likely come to mind whenever you hear the term.

However, according to Henderson, the process can make organization much easier. This is because when you decant items like cereals, noodles, dry beans, rice, and even spices, you eliminate their often bulky original packaging. This can free up a ton of space in your pantry.

After you put your foods in clear containers, it’ll be easy to spot when something is getting low and needs to be restocked. If you’re a bulk buyer, you can easily purchase a container that has enough room for two sets of something (two boxes of pasta in a single container saves major space).

We’ve got a ton of other tips for reorganizing your pantry, so you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for and will never forget to restock a necessity.

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