Trix Yogurt (and That Silly Rabbit) Is Making a Comeback

An eight-pack of Trix yogurt surrounded by three individual cups.

If you ever experienced the joy of finding a Trix Yogurt in your lunch box when you were a kid, it’s time to recapture the excitement! They’re back, and if you have kids, you can treat them (and yourself) to the same surprise.

For those who don’t remember this lunch box staple, Trix Yogurt was part of the Yoplait family of brands and an offshoot of Trix cereal. Using the same berry-based flavors, the brand transitioned the colorful cereal into a yogurt, and did so with style.

The single-serve cups were home to two yogurts you mixed together before eating (or you could eat one side at a time). Now, it and the famous Trix rabbit are back!

Trix Yogurt hasn’t changed much since it was last on store shelves in 2016. It’s still two-toned, berry-flavored, and features the rabbit mascot. According to an email we received from the brand, Trix Yogurt will return in “early May” (no official date was given).

The relaunch will feature two flavors: strawberry and berry. You’ll be able to pick up an eight-pack at Walmart or SuperValu stores for just $4.

Having some Trix Yogurt on hand should make packing those lunches easier and quicker, but check out these other tips to make it less of a hassle.

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