This TikTok Cooler Hack Actually Works

A woman filling a baking pan with water, freezing it, and then using it to cool veggies.

With warm weather here, you might soon be entertaining outside again. If so, this TikTok hack for keeping food and drinks cool will really come in handy!

Shared by Shannon McNitt (@livingonlife101), this hack is especially useful for finger foods, like chopped fruits and vegetables. In the video below, you’ll see McNitt fill one disposable baking pan until it’s about one-third full water. She then freezes it completely.

In a second dish, she adds snack foods, like cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and carrot sticks. She then takes the frozen baking dish out of the freezer and places the tray with food on top of it, so the veggies are now sitting on ice.


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But does it work? Ben Chapman, a professor and food safety extension specialist at North Carolina State University, gave the hack a thumbs up. He told Insider the trick is essentially the equivalent of placing your food or drinks into a bucket of ice.

However, Chapman does caution that the environment matters. On a sunny day outside, the trick will only buy you about four hours of coolness.

If you’ve got guests coming over soon for an outdoor movie night, though, that’s the perfect opportunity to try this out.

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