Halo Top’s New Fudge Pops Are the Perfect Diet Dessert

A tiny, striped beach chair and umbrella sitting next to a Halo Top Fudge Pop and its box.
Halo Top

If you love ice cream but are also watching your calories, you’ll be happy to hear that Halo Top has launched a new collection that includes Gourmet Fudge Pops.

Known for its protein-packed, low-calorie ice creams, Halo Top is embracing summer and nostalgia with the release of the Fudge Pops and some new pint flavors. The chocolate-flavored ice cream treats contain 6 grams of protein and only 80 calories per serving.

The new pops feature a rich, fudge-like flavor perfect for chocolate lovers. Boxes of four retail for $4.99 and are available at local grocery stores now.

Ryan Roznowski, brand manager at Halo Top, said the new pop is all about being able to enjoy a sweet treat on the go. He also said the dessert’s iconic status among ice cream treats was the reason it was included in the new lineup.

The brand has also introduced two new pint flavors: Chocolate Caramel Brownie and Vanilla Caramel Milkshake. Like its other pints, the new Halo Top flavors are low in calories (360 and 340, respectively) and big on flavor.

And for those days where you’re taking a teensy break from the old diet, there’s the Cheesecake Factory ice cream. Talk about decadent!

[Via Elite Daily]

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