Trader Joe’s Ube Ice Cream Is Back

Rows of trader joe's ice cream sit in a freezer.
Trader Joe’s List/Instagram

Grocery store shelves seem to be exploding with new snack launches, and it’s not slowing down. This time, though, it’s a returning favorite. Trader Joe’s ube ice cream is back.

On the heels of announcements of Halo Top Fudge Pops and Lays Cool Ranch Dorito Chips, Trader Joe’s is bringing back one of its most iconic snacks: Ube Ice Cream. Instagram account Trader Joe’s List reposted an image from a private Instagram user who spotted the purple-hued ice cream in the wild. But it was noted in the post that the treat was marked with a “here for a limited time” sign. What does that mean? You need to get to your local TJ’s stat.

If you’re not familiar with ube, it’s essentially a flavor that comes from purple yams and is what gives the ice cream its bright violet shade.

They’re common in dishes from the Philippines but exploded in popularity in western cooking in 2019. As for the flavor, it’s a lot like a sweet potato but a bit sweeter with hints of vanilla and almond aka perfect for ice cream. When it comes to Trader Joe’s ice cream, the Instagram account describes its flavor as “sweet yet earthy with flavors of vanilla,” which tracks with the yam’s natural taste.

For those who already love the flavor and those who just want to try it, you’ll need to head into your Trader Joe’s location as there’s no way to narrow down locations online. Happy searching!

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