Here’s How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel

Three images show a bed being made with two duvet covers for a fluffy appearance.

If you love the look of an ultra-fluffy, over-the-top hotel bed, you can now make your own bed just like one thanks to a TikTok hack.

TikTok user and home stylist Julie Sousa (@the_avantegrade_) shared her trick for making your bed look like a hotel, and it involved a lot of extra bedding. To create the fluffy, cloud-like bed, Sousa says to use both the fitted and top sheet like normal but to flip over the top sheet. Next, put your regular duvet on top, and here’s the main part of the trick. You’ll need a second duvet to achieve the look.

Add the second duvet on top, then fold the newly layered duvets over twice at the head of the bed for that perfectly made look. For king-size beds, Sousa also recommends four king-size pillows (two on each side), and then two smaller, rectangular ones. By the end of the video, her bed looks exactly like a hotel room.


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For those who routinely get hot at night, this hack might send you screaming, but don’t be so quick to say, “Absolutely not.” Because the second duvet is simply placed on top of the first, you can just remove it before bedtime. Even if you just like the look of a hotel bed but not all those extra covers, you can still get it.

But if you are an extra-hot sleeper, maybe trick this hack for staying cool at night.

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