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10 Deluxe Pool Floats to Feel Luxurious This Summer

Women lounging in pool floats

Ready to really relax in the pool this summer? If so, a colorful, deluxe pool float is just what you need. It’s time to change up your summer days without breaking the bank!

Pool floats have come a long way since the days of the classic, ring-shaped tubes. Now, you can find quirky, fun floats in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from airplanes to unicorns, and much more.

Some floats are even built for multiple people, so you can create a mini-island for lounging, chatting, sipping a tropical drink, or just enjoying the sun. If you’re ready to up your pool-lounging game this summer, these deluxe floats are exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

FUNBOY Yacht Pool Float

Women lounging in the water on a white yacht-shaped pool float

Most of us won’t be spending the summer on an actual yacht, but anyone can lounge in luxury on the FUNBOY Yacht Pool Float! Shaped like a yacht, this deluxe float is over nine feet long and wide.

It’s large enough for two people to comfortably lounge on, with a reinforced, built-in cooler, headrest, and two cup holders.

Bestway Watermelon Inflatable Island

Two Women floating on the Bestway Watermelon Island.

Want a colorful, playful pool float? Try the Bestway Watermelon Inflatable Island. Measuring 68.11 x 9.84 x 68.11 inches, this watermelon-shaped pool float can accommodate several adults at once, and even more little ones.

It’s playful and colorful and has a handy grab rope all the way around in case someone falls off.

Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float

Two images of women with a shiny pink flamingo pool float

The Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float is oversized and metallic pink, and takes the classic flamingo theme to a whole new, more luxurious level. The oversized base and shimmery finish look fantastic on the water.

The center cushion is solid and comfortable, and the flamingo’s neck features handholds for a more stable grip while you’re hanging out in the pool.

FUNBOY x Malibu Barbie Private Jet Pool Float

Two images of women lounging on a plane-shaped pool float

Get luxury vintage vibes with the FUNBOY x Malibu Barbie Private Jet Pool Float. Shaped like a private jet and covered in colorful, 1970s-inspired print, this fun float is a licensed collaboration with Mattel and Barbie.

There are several other floats in the collection in different shapes and at different price points. You can get everything from a classic doughnut shape to an elaborate 3D golf cart.

Bestway Floating Island Raft

A group of people lounging on an oversized floating "island" float in a lake

The Bestway Floating Island Raft is an absolute luxury float that’s designed for several people, with cupholders, a canopy, lounge headrests, and more.

With designated seating areas, an arched canopy, and all the amenities, it’s really more of a mini-island than a typical pool float!

Obuby Avocado Pool Float

Women lounging in a pool on avocado-shaped pool floats

The Obuby Avocado Pool Float takes the summer avocado trend to a whole new level! Remove the “pit” of the avocado so that you can take a comfy seat in the center of the large float.

The pit becomes a floatable ball that you can use for any number of pool games. It’s a colorful, comfortable float that’s easy to inflate and supports over 200 pounds.

AirExpect Inflatable Mermaid Pool Float

A woman in a pool on a mermaid float; a woman standing on the beach holding a pool float

Who doesn’t love mermaids? The AirExpect Inflatable Pool Float is quirky and cartoonesque, with a tail on one end and cute little closed eyes on the other.

The float also includes a cupholder and comes in turquoise or pink.

Jasonwell Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

A young girl sitting in the Jasonwell Unicorn Pool Float

The Jasonwell Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float features a classic, ring-shaped float as the “body,” with a unicorn neck and head.

It’s large, comfortable, and easy to inflate and deflate. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that the unicorn’s face, rainbow tail, and mane are adorable.

JOYIN Inflatable Peacock Pool Float

A woman lounging on the JOYIN Peacock Pool Float.

Looking for an unexpected, colorful float? Then you’ll love the JOYIN Inflatable Peacock. This colorful lounger features a peacock head, with a magnificent tail as the headrest.

The neck also has handles and is wide enough for two, in some cases. The detailed design is fun, but it’s also comfy, easy to inflate, and majorly quirky.

FUNBOY Rainbow Cloud Daybed Float

People hanging out on a cloud-shaped pool float

If you’re looking for a giant float that will hold multiple people, look no further than the FUNBOY Rainbow Cloud Daybed. It features over 50 square feet of “cloud,” with a fun rainbow arch over one side.

Made of high-quality materials, it also has multiple handles around the border of the “island” for maximum security and comfort.

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