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This Is the Next ‘It’ Houseplant According to an Expert

A Philodendron Birkin houseplant in a white pot sitting on a table.
Monster e/Shutterstock

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you probably know that plants are majorly trending. A home full of greenery is a décor staple these days. So, what’s the next big thing when it comes to houseplants?

Hilton Carter, plant doctor and resident greenery expert at Apartment Therapy, said the next big houseplant star will be the philodendron birkin. This plant does best in bright, indirect light, can thrive in humid conditions (or simply be spritzed often), and requires a less intensive watering schedule. In fact, you only need to water it when the soil dries an inch from the top.

Carter even included a faux version of the plant in his collection for Target. He said he wanted to include plants in his collection that would work in both spaces with lots of light and those without.

Carter’s main goal, however, was to choose plants that would “lift up a space,” and the Philodendron Birkin fit the bill!

If you’re looking to add some live, low-maintenance plants to your space, check out these seven options that anyone can keep alive.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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