Feel Younger Than You Are? You’re Not Alone

A mature couple celebrating a birthday.

Whether your birthday has already come and gone or it’s approaching, if you don’t feel the age you are, you’re in good company.

Sunglasses brand Foster Grant teamed up with OnePoll to survey 2,000 adults over 40 about their perceptions of age. Of those surveyed, 77% of respondents felt younger than their age by about seven years. Over half said they visualize their younger selves when they look in a mirror.

While people might not feel their age, that doesn’t mean they don’t have moments when they recall it. The survey also examined those moments that trigger the, “Oh my god, I’m so old,” response. Participants cited hearing an “oldie” on the radio, squinting at a small print, and grunting when getting up as the moments when they actually feel those years.

The major reasons people don’t feel (or won’t admit) their age have to do with appearances and activities. Of the participants, 37% said they didn’t want to “appear” old to others, while 36% admitted they don’t want people to know they can no longer do the things they used to do.

Aging, of course, is totally natural and happens to us all. A good way to maintain a healthier attitude is to stay as actives as possible doing things you enjoy. Gardening, in particular, is an excellent way to maintain mobility.

[Via Martha Stewart]

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