How Spoiled Is Your Pet?

A cat and dog asleep on balls of yarn.
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Most of our pets are spoiled rotten, but do you spend more than average on Fido and Fluffy?

Pet care app, AskVet, teamed up with OnePoll to figure out just how much pets are costing their owners, and on average, people drop $111 per month on typical supplies. Over the course of 10 years, this adds up to a sizable $13,320.

When it comes to the initial cost of adoption, those costs fall around $176, including fees and the initial supplies needed to bring home a new pet.

Whether you spend more or less, though, you likely have other things in common with survey participants. For example, 48% of pet parents think having a furry friend has made them more responsible, and one in three thinks their pets is a reflection of who they are as a person.

Of the respondents, 51% who got a pet for their kids and weren’t initially thrilled about it, now can’t imagine their life without them.

The benefits of having a pet were made extra clear in 2020. With most people spending all their time at home, pet adoptions skyrocketed.

Rover surveyed 2,000 people who brought a new pet into their home. A massive 93% said their new friend helped improve their mental health throughout the year.

Thinking about getting a pup? If you prefer a more laid-back pooch, these breeds are said to be the calmest. If you prefer cats, here are some supplies every new kitty parent will need.

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