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My Favorite Purchase of 2021 (So Far): These $15 Color-Changing Light Bulbs

A living room lit with Vgogfly color-changing bulbs.

Since last year, a lot of people have been looking for ways to make their homes cozier. While I’ve recently been spending more time out and about, I’m still seeking ways to upgrade my space, and these color-changing light bulbs from Amazon did the trick.

Made by Vgogfly, you can get a two-pack of these for just $15 (at this writing) on Amazon. While smart bulbs are ultra-popular right now, these are a bit more old-school. Instead of linking the bulbs to an app on your phone or a device like Alexa, you simply screw them into a lamp and control them via remote.

While I could have opted for “smarter” bulbs, the ease of installation, the moment of instant gratification when they clicked on, and the lower price made me choose these from Vgogfly. As someone who has a serious screentime issue, being able to place my phone on the other side of the room while reading or doing some other non-electronic activity is ideal.

The same living room lit in four different colors by Vgogfly color-changing light bulbs.

So, how do these bulbs actually work? Well, once they’re installed, it’s just a matter of using the remote (which even comes with a battery!). You can choose from nine different colors, ranging from a true white to purple.

There are also built-in settings that allow the bulbs to gently fade or pulse between all of their color shades. You can also set a timer for the lights to turn off after a certain period of time, or change their brightness level. Essentially, these can do everything the techier bulbs can.

For people like me, who need to take a break from electronic devices to wind down in the evening, or those who just love some mood lighting, these Vgogfly bulbs are the way to go.

If you don’t have a phone addiction, you might prefer these easy-to-use Bluetooth-connected bulbs. For those who are ready to take the full plunge into color-changing smart bulbs, Phillips Hue is the brand of choice.

And for those who really want to go all out (and are also a bit crafty), you can create a color-changing cloud ceiling in your office or bedroom.

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