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This Is the Trendiest Houseplant on Instagram, But It’ll Cost You

Philodendron pink princess potted plant.
rattiya lamrod/Shutterstock

People spent a lot of last year planting, weeding, and adding greenery to both their in- and outdoor spaces. And if the price tag on Instagram’s trendiest houseplant is any indication, plants are just as popular in 2021.

Dedicated “plant-thusiasts” probably already know about the philodendron birkin. Famed interior designer and plant-lover, Hilton Carter, not only dubbed it as the year’s must-have greenery, but he also created a faux version for his Target collection.

Well, it turns out there’s a subsect of the philodendron that’s even trendier, and it’s called “the pink princess.”

Given its heart-shaped leaves and swathes of pink caused by a lack of chlorophyll running throughout, it’s incredibly unique looking. It seems to have been specially made for Instagram!

But it’s not just its cute pink details that contribute to the plant’s popularity—it’s also low maintenance. It requires only some occasional pruning, light and indirect sunlight, and light weekly watering. Of course, all of this sounds great until you hear how much it costs.

A Pink Princess can cost up to three figures online, so if you want to add this plant to your indoor garden, be prepared to spend some cash.

Of course, if you’re on a budget, you can always pick up one of Hilton Carters’s philodendron birkins at Target.

[Via Real Homes]

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