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These Toddler Push Cars Are Too Cute

a photo of a mom pushing her daughter in a pink coupe/a little boy riding in a white Mercedes/a mom pulling her son in a blue Little Tikes car
Little Tikes/Best Ride On Cars

Toddler push cars just might be the best way to enjoy walks with your little ones during the nice weather. There’s something for everyone out there—grab one before they’re gone.

You already have a stroller, a wagon, and maybe even an umbrella stroller—do you really also need a toddler push car? Yes (well, probably). As your little one grows from baby to toddler, they probably aren’t going to be as complacent in a stroller anymore, especially when they notice other little kids running around while they’re strapped into a seat.

A toddler push car is a great way to keep your child safe while you take walks during the spring and summer. They’re much more open and low to the ground than a stroller, so they allow your tot to really see and experience everything going on around them, which is exciting. When my daughter hit 12-months-old, she no longer cooperated in a stroller. But her little car? She was obsessed, and we used it at least once every day.

There are lots of options out there, and they tend to get sold out pretty quickly. We’ve selected the best ones, so be sure to buy one while you can.

Best Overall: Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car

A blue push car for toddlers.

The very popular Step2 Whisper Ride II is a classic. It features a sleek automotive design, smooth wheels, and some storage space. It’s simple and straightforward, but still so much fun for kids, and they’ll love the totally open feel to it.

It also has some nice features, like two cup holders for the child, and one for the parent, which is really a game-changer. There’s a little horn that really works, and the handle folds down for easier storage. The hood also opens to reveal a storage space for your little one’s toys or treasures they find on their walk.

Best with Shade: Little Tikes Deluxe 2-in-1 Cozy Roadster

A mom pushing her son in a blue push car with a little face on the front and a canopy over the baby for shade.
Little Tikes

If you want something open that allows your child to really feel free in their car, but you still want some added shade, opt for this Little Tikes Deluxe 2-in-1 Cozy Roadster. It has a canopy that offers shade to your little one when they’re sitting there, which is a really nice feature and great for very hot days.

It’s also versatile, with a handle that can be moved and used for either pushing or pulling. There are two cup holders in the back (although your toddler probably won’t be able to reach it themselves) and a zippered storage area. The horn works, and the wheels are durable enough to be used outside and gentle enough to be used inside.

Best for Two: Step2 Side-by-Side Push Around SUV

A blue double bench seat SUV car with gray canopy.

If you have two toddlers to tote around, you really need a push-car that can hold both of them—pushing two at once is kind of impossible. This Step2 Side-by-Side Push Around SUV is one of the only ones out there that holds two kids at once comfortably.

Swivel wheels and an easy-grip, wide handle make steering easy even when you’ve got two kids moving around, and a double bench seat with seat belts keeps them comfortable, safe, and happy. The canopy adds some much-needed shade, and it’s easy to take off for storage. There are two steering wheels so they can both pretend they’re driving, and three mesh pockets in the back for the parent to use for storage.

Best Luxe Car: Best Ride On Cars Mercedes Push Car Stroller

A white Mercedes push car with black accents.
Best Ride On Cars

If you want your toddler to ride in style, then get the Best Ride on Cars Mercedes Push Car Stroller. It looks fancy and luxe, actually resembles a real Mercedes, and is honestly just really adorable. This is a 4-in-1 meant to act as a stroller, walker, push car or rocker, but it is on the smaller side: Unlike some other ride-on cars, it only holds kids up to 40 pounds.

Still, it has fun realistic features, like an MP3 adapter steering wheel, gas pedal, horn sounds, and seat belt, as well as rechargeable battery-powered LED lights that make evening walks a little bit more exciting.

Best Ride on Cars Best Ride On Cars Toddler 4-in-1 Mercedes Push Car Stroller Ride-On Toy with Horn Sounds, LED Lights, and Removable Handle - White

Help your kid be the coolest kid on the block with this Best Ride On Cars 4-in-1 Mercedes Push Car.This 4-in-1 push car looks just like a real Mercedes and functions as a stylish stroller, walker, push car or rocker. Your child can mimic your driving with a car of their own. The toy...

Best Coupe: Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe

Two different pink Little Tikes coupe cars with two little girls riding in them
Little Tikes

This Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe isn’t quite as open as some of the other ride-on cars on this list, but it does offer plenty of shade, which is a nice plus. This one is also different because it’s not just a push car: Your little one can move themselves along with their feet, or you can push them gently. There’s a removable floorboard that you can put in to protect their feet when you’re pushing them.

It also has a moving, clicking ignition switch, a gas cap that opens and closes, a cup holder in the back, and a rotating steering wheel, so there’s plenty of room for creative play. The fun face on the front just makes it more exciting for your tot.

Best to Grow with Your Child: Best Choice Products Kids 3-in-1 Push and Pedal Car

A red and gray pushcar.
Best Choice Product

If you want something a little more versatile, the Best Choice Products Kids 3-in-1 Push and Pedal car is meant to grow with your child through their waking development. It transforms from a stroller style to a walker to a push car and gives your little one lots of support when needed.

Safety features include side rails to keep them from falling out when they’re really little and a backboard that prevents the car from flipping when they start using it on their own. The seat doubles as a carrying space for toys, and even more fun: The steering wheel has buttons that allow your kid to beep the horn or play a variety of music.

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