Why You Should Add This Household Staple to Your Laundry

A laundry basket full of dirty clothes sitting in front of a washing machine.

Whether you love it or hate it, you likely have a method for doing your laundry. Are you missing a key component, though?

According to Lauren Simonelli, co-founder of ThreeMain, a vinegar rinse might be the secret to perfectly washed clothes. It has a low pH, which can help remove any soiled spots and scents.

If your laundry is ever left with a nasty soap residue, it can get rid of that, too. Simonelli also said a good fabric softener will help brighten your garments.

To try this out, though, you first have to dilute the vinegar with water. Also, only use it during the rinse cycle, so it doesn’t mix with detergent.

Sammy Wang, a senior scientist at Tide, explained that detergents are created at specific pH levels to enhance their performance. When you mix one with vinegar, you might throw off the levels which can result in “discoloration and poor cleaning.”

If you always dread laundry day, check out these handy essentials to make it less of a hassle.

[Via Martha Stewart]

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