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This Spice Can Help Your Tomato Plants Flourish

Ripe tomatoes on a vine.

There are so many gardening hacks online, it can be difficult to wade through them all. However, if you’re on the hunt for a way to protect your tomato plants, you probably have it on your spice rack.

It’s been scientifically proven that cinnamon offers protection from fungus and can promote better growth. In fact, you should get an abundance of leaves when you use it on your tomatoes.

The spice also helps prevent mold, rot, and the dampening off of seedlings. If you’ve had trouble getting your tomatoes to grow or are battling a fungus growing among them, this pantry staple is the easy answer.

So, how do you use it, and is there a specific kind you need?

Essentially, you can mix in your cinnamon any way you want. You can use powdered cinnamon, the essential oil, or an extract. Just mix into the soil, sprinkle it on top of the plant, or dab it on the leaves. Basically, there’s no wrong way to do it.

As for specific kinds, studies have shown that most forms of cinnamon have some level of efficacy, depending on the specific fungus being combatted. However, true (or Ceylon) cinnamon is the best at the job. It’s a bit more expensive than the everyday spice but definitely worth it to save those plants.

If you have any vinegar on hand, it can also help seeds grow.

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