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The Potato-Peeling Hack That Actually Works

A man using a fork to hold a potato as he peels it.
@ThatDudeCanCook /TikTok

There’s no shortage of hacks on the internet, and it’s no secret that some just don’t work. But this alternative way to peel potatoes appears to really be much faster.

TikTok content creator, @ThatDudeCanCook, showcased an easy potato-peeling method that only requires a fork, but will make the process notably quicker. To do it, just stick a fork in the bottom of the potato and use it as a sort of handle.

Then, using a peeler, rotate the potato around until all the skin is gone. After the top is done, pull out the fork and do the bottom, and boom! You’re done.

This hack makes the process much quicker, as you no longer have to worry about slicing off part of your fingers as you peel. It also increases the pace at which you can rotate the veggie.

But now, the real question: Does it actually work?


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Maki Yazawa over at Real Simple put the hack to the test and found that it actually does result in faster peeling times. Yazawa set a timer for one minute and peeled potatoes without the fork, and then for another minute the TikTok way.

The writer found that using the hack, you can peel about 1.6 times more potatoes (five versus eight, respectively). So, if mashed potatoes will be on the menu soon, give this hack a try and see how much faster you can peel.

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[Via Real Simple]

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