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Add Some Summer Flair with Hair Chalk

Three women with various multi-color strands in their hair

Ready for a fun color change without the commitment of permanent hair color? If so, hair chalk is just the colorful DIY solution you’ve been looking for!

Hair chalk is typically a pigmented powder, spray, or gel. It’s been stereotyped as something for kids or teenagers, but why should they get to have all the fun? It’s perfect for anyone who just wants to have a little fun and experiment with low-stakes hair color.

Most formulas are easy to apply, and they wash out just as easily after a couple of shampoos. This gives you the option of adding color to your hair to match a particular outfit, for a holiday event, or just because!

Here are a few of the most popular options on the market to jazz up your hair at home.

Curlsmith Hair Makeup Temporary Color Styling Gel

Two women with curly hair, each with "before" hair on one side and colorful "after" hair on the other

Hair chalk can get a little messy to use and apply, so a gel formula like the Curlsmith Hair Makeup Temporary Color Styling Gel can be a great solution! It’s a sustainably produced temporary color made from high-pigment mica pearls in transfer-proof, strong-hold styling gel.

With several different color options to choose from, it’s also a less-messy formula than some of the traditional chalks, is ethically made, and washes out easily with simple shampoo.

SPLAT Hair Chalk

Two women with hair chalk: one with blue streaks, one with magenta streaks

For a classic, simple hair chalk, try the SPLAT Hair Chalk. It comes in nine different colors, each formulated as pressed chalk in a compact that can then be easily swiped onto hair for as much or as little color as you want.

These chalks lean more toward softer colors, and they’re great at staying on when you brush or style your hair, but they wash out easily.

L’Oreal Liquid Chalk

Five bottles of L'Oreal Liquid Chalk, each with different colored labels

L’Oreal Liquid Chalk is another less-messy formula, using a simple, temporary pigment that’s vivid enough to show up on most colors of hair.

The carrier for the pigment is a hair oil that doubles as a hair and scalp conditioner. Apply to dry hair, and it won’t run or leak on clothing. It also washes out within a wash or two for most people.

Allstar Innovations HotHuez Hair Chalk

Two women with multicolored highlights in their hair
Allstar Innovations

Want a few different hair color options to coordinate with different looks? Pick up the Allstar Innovations HotHuez Hair Chalk! Each kit comes with four different colors in each box, each in easy-to-use, press-and-swipe chalk compacts.

This particular formula and these colors tend to work best on lighter hair colors. They should also wash out pretty easily after just one or two shampoos. They’re ideal for switching up your look whenever you want without a long-term commitment.

GirlZone Hair Chalk Set

A turquoise box filled with colorful hair chalk "markers"

Instead of the traditional swipe-on chalks, the GirlZone Hair Chalk Set is a full set of colorful hair chalks with a twist. The set comes packaged as chalk “markers” that you can use to basically “draw” on your hair.

Each individual kit includes five bright colors and five metallics that you can mix and match to create a trendy watercolor effect that will wash out easily and quickly.

Maydear Hair Color Comb

A woman with colorful streaks in her hair; a set of colored hair combs

Get extra control and variety with the Maydear Hair Color Comb. This 10-pack of hair chalk in different colors features a comb application method instead of a compact or spray.

The comb technique makes it extra easy to apply the color in whatever combination you want. There’s also no overspray or big mess to clean up since the comb allows for direct application to the hair.

L’Oreal Colorista One-Day Spray

Several small bottles of Colorista One-Day Spray in various colors

The L’Oreal Colorista One-Day Spray is exactly what it sounds like: a one-wash temporary color chalk in spray form. It’s easy to apply to sections of hair in whatever concentration you choose.

The one-step spray comes in nine different colors, including metallics, pastels, and brights. It also washes out after just one shampoo for most hair.

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