This Napkin Teacup Bow Hack Is Perfect for Your Summer Tablescape

Three photos show a woman folding a napkin until its shaped like a bow.

You’re probably on TikTok to watch the fun dances, find a few cleaning hacks, and maybe get a good life. But the social media site is also home to some serious decor tips. The recent napkin bow hack is perfect for your summer table.

The hack is for exactly what it sounds like: turning a napkin into a bow. Honestly, it’s adorable. The bows are perfectly placed onto the handles of teacups for a sweet detail for your upcoming summer brunch, and they’re surprisingly easy to do.


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TikTok user @easyinterieur walks you through the entire process beginning with a simple floral napkin that you unfold completely and flip to the non-patterned side. Once done, fold the bottom section up into a triangle and repeat the same step with the top portion. Then, fold the entire napkin in half twice. Once you have the long rectangular shape with pointed edges, fold them over to form the base (ribbons) of the bow. Then, simply tuck in the top, slip into your teacup’s handle, and you’ve got the perfect brunch table accessory.

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[Via Apartment Therapy]

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