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This Popular Bedroom Trend Is a No-Go for Designers

A matching sage-colored bedroom set.

Matching bedroom sets have been popular for ages and remain so with just about everyone—except designers.

The main issue seems to be that matching furniture sets prevent creative expression. According to Sara Bengur, owner of Sara Bengur Interiors, they don’t allow people to customize their homes. Liz Goldberg, the founder of Carolyn Leona, echoed this opinion.

“We love calm, serene bedrooms and think of bedrooms as a sanctuary at the end of your day,” Goldberg told Apartment Therapy. “By curating special pieces, you create a more custom feel.”

To combat the cookie-cutter argument, some suggest making small tweaks, like switching out nightstands, painting some pieces, or using other décor to customize the space.

While designers might have legitimate reasons for disliking the massively popular practice, there are also major reasons that people continue to embrace it.

First and foremost, it’s easy. If you’re not confident in your design choices, or you’re just in a hurry to get some furniture, buying a matching set is the quick solution. You know that the pieces work together when they come as a package deal.

Then, there’s also the value in cost. Sets are often sold at sale prices as a bundle. While you can absolutely thrift some grade A furniture, the allure of a good deal on brand-new pieces that also look nice is hard to pass up.

If you have a matching bedroom set that you’re now thinking of replacing, don’t—your home, your rules! Instead, follow the advice above and customize it with some easy upgrades or a bit of greenery.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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