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This Is the Best Kitchen Towel for Cleaning up Spills

A man wiping up a spill on a kitchen counter.

Ever spilled something and felt like your kitchen towel wasn’t up to the job? If you or your kids are prone to spills, there’s one specific material you should look for when buying new kitchen towels.

Angela Bell, head grove guide at Grove Collaborative, said that terry towels are best for cleaning up liquids. The fluffy, highly absorbent material is ideal for soaking up cereal spills or accidental overpours.

Terry is the same material that you find in most bathroom towels, and, according to Bell, that’s what makes the kitchen versions so excellent at drying your hands and dishes as well.

One thing that terry isn’t good for, though, is polishing. Bell said that they can leave behind lint and streaks on things like stainless steel or glass. You’ll want to switch to a different option when you’re sprucing things up.

You can find out which types of towels are best for other jobs over on Apartment Therapy. By the way, there’s even a specific kind of towel you should use to dry your face.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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