How to Clean That Nasty Kitchen Drain

Someone wearing pink rubber gloves and cleaning a kitchen sink.

Just cleaned your kitchen only to find that a funky smell still lingers? It’s probably the drain, but you can banish the stink with three common household ingredients.

If you’ve noticed an odd, unpleasant odor near the kitchen sink, all you need to remedy this sitch is that classic cure-all mixture of vinegar and baking soda as well as a bit of hot water.

To get started, carefully mix two cups of vinegar with one cup of baking soda. If you’ve combined these ingredients before, you’ll remember that they fizz all over the place if combined too quickly.

After you’ve slowly combined them, pour the solution down the drain and let it sit for 15 minutes. While you wait, bring a pot of water to a boil on the stove, and then slowly pour the water down the drain.

Poof! The nasty odor should now be gone.

Want to know what else you can clean with vinegar and baking soda? How about the oven and the shower, for starters?

[Via House Digest]

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