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10 Products to Keep Your Laundry Area Organized

laundry room organized spaces featuring a wire rack, rolling shelves, and laundry guard

Your laundry area could be the most Pinterest-worthy spot of your home dècor dreams … or a hot mess. These laundry organization products will help you make it more like the former.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a whole laundry room with plenty of space, or you’re working with a tiny closet, there’s a good chance your laundry area could be more organized. Not only does a neat, orderly, clean laundry space look nice, but it also makes the chore seem a bit easier.

Knowing exactly where all your detergents and cleaners are is helpful when you’re in a rush and so is having specific spots for the garbage and other small accessories. Getting it all organized just takes an investment of time and money in the beginning, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

TJ.Mooree Ironing Board Hanger

ironing board shelf holder hanging on the wall with an iron and flowers

Storing a large ironing board can be difficult. They don’t fold up and they take up space, and moving them around whenever you need one is, frankly, annoying. This TJ.Mooree Ironing Board Hanger is convenient because it gives your ironing board a real “home:” hanging on the wall instead of leaning precariously against something.

The shelf at the top is also great for storing your iron and other small items, whether that’s soap or something more decorative, like fresh flowers. On top of that, this shelf doesn’t just look like a boring old shelf. It’s cute and adds a little something to the space.

TJ.Moree Ironing Board Hanger

Finally, a place to park your iron.

Spacekeeper Three-Tier Storage Cart

two images of a rolling storage cart, one next to a bed and one in the bathroom

This Spacekeeper Three-Tier Slim Storage Cart is a great addition to even a small laundry area. It’s thin enough that it can squeeze against the wall or be placed in a large closet, and it’s on four gliding wheels that make it really easy to move around as needed.

The shelves are also adjustable: you can opt for two shelves or three, depending on what you want to use it for. This gives you a lot of space to store all of your detergents and other cleaners. And if you ever don’t want it in your laundry area anymore, you can always use it for something else.

Spacekeeper 3 Tier Slim Storage Cart

Storage carts are invaluable for laundry rooms.

Romoon Four-Bag Laundry Sorter Cart

black laundry sorter in front of a washing machine

If you’re just doing laundry for yourself, you might not need this. But if you’re doing laundry for multiple people, then this Romoon Laundry Sorter is a lifesaver. Personally, I know that I’m constantly trying to find space to sort the ten tons of laundry I do for myself, my husband, and my toddler. This gives you space to do that and doesn’t take up a lot of space in the process.

The bags are removable and washable, and they have waterproof liners that help even if things are a bit messy. The wheels make it easy to move it around as needed, so you can push it around the house to grab all the laundry at once if you wanted to.

Romoon 4 Bag Laundry Sorter Cart

This cart makes it easy to sort and move laundry around.

Mkono Wall-Mounted Clothes Hanger

two images of a black clothes hanger on the wall, one holding a handbag and the other holding shirts on hangers

If you don’t have a line to hang clothes, then hanging them can feel kind of impossible. I know that, personally, I don’t have one, so I always end up just draping my clothes that can’t go in the dryer on top of the dryer, which is definitely not ideal.

Something like this Mkono Wall Mounted Clothes Hanger is good for a small space because it doesn’t take up a lot of space and really just needs a piece of the wall. It won’t hold a ton of stuff, but it can be convenient for hanging a few things on a hanger if needed.

Mkono Wall Mounted Clothes Hanger

This hanger is a compromise between a skimpy little hook and putting a full rack in your laundry room.

A.J.A. & More Lint Holder Bin

white lint bin attached to the side of a washing machine

Do you absolutely need this A.J.A. & More Lint Holder Bin? Honestly, no. You can always throw excess lint into a garbage can. But it is definitely a convenient thing to have. For one thing, the space-saving design makes it easy to use: it’s magnetic and attaches to the side of the washing machine or dryer, so it won’t take up floor space and even works in a closet (it can also be mounted to the wall).

Also, according to the Amazon page, you can actually repurpose lint: It can be used as a fire starter or you can line planters with it, or use the natural fibers for mulch/compost. By adding the lint to its own bin, instead of in a garbage can, you can actually do these things.

A.J.A. + More Lint Holder Bin

Perfect for parking your lint until it's time for a project.

Tidy Cup Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener Gadget

laundry detergent gadget holding a cup of detergent so it doesn't spill

As someone who regularly gets laundry detergent all over the place because those push-button detergent bottles have a truly terrible design, I really appreciate these Tidy Cup gadgets. They easily snap onto the detergent bottle and act as a little mount for your detergent cup, and they catch any spills and drips before they get on the floor or somewhere else.

I love that they’re easy to use and easy to clean, and they kind of keep the mess contained. The redesigned version with the ridges also allows the cup to sit over any spilled detergent, keeping the cup cleaner, as well.

Tidy Cup Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener Gadget

These simple snap-on trays keep detergent trips off the floor.

mDesign Wall Mount Storage Organizer

wall mount shelf filled with cleaning supplies

Do you just need a little extra space to hold detergents and cleaning supplies? If so, even just one of these mDesign Wall Mount Storage Organizers are helpful. They easily mount to the wall to save on floor space, and they give some room to hold smaller detergent bottles or other cleaners.

They’re super versatile and can be used to hold basically anything, so if you ever don’t want it in your laundry room anymore, it can be moved. mDesign products are so easy to clean out when needed, and the clear design makes it simple to see what you’re looking for.

mDesign Wall or Adhesive Mount Plastic Home Storage Organizer Basket

Put your most-used tools right where you can see them.

Eltow Laundry Guard

white laundry guard on a washing machine

If you have a front loading washing machine and dryer set, then this ELTOW Laundry Guard is a great buy. It’s inevitable that you’re going to stack something on top of your washer or dryer, whether that’s folded clothes, dirty clothes, or cleaners and detergents. I’m always finding clothes and other things behind my machines because they just easily fall off.

These guards keep everything on top and make it harder for them to slip off. You can wrap them around the whole machine as pictured, or use them across both machines.

Eltow Laundry Guard

This little fence-style guard keeps the stuff you stacked on top of your washer, on top of your washer.

BaoYouni Two-Layer Storage Rack

washing machine with storage rack over it holding supplies

This BaoYouni Over-Washing Machine Storage Rack instantly adds more storage without taking up a lot of space, which is perfect for smaller areas and potentially even a closet. It’s just a wire rack (that slim storage cabinet doesn’t come with it), but the two shelves and the rod are very helpful.

You can use those shelves to hold detergents and cleaners, or bins of whatever else you might need in that area. The rod is great for hanging clothes to dry as well.

Baoyouni 2-Layer Over Washing Machine Storage Rack

Need more space over the washer? Try this.

Seven Days Home Lost Socks Bin

bin for lost pocket treasures mounted to the wall
Seven Days

Things tend to get mysteriously lost in the laundry area, whether that’s socks that always go missing or little accessories that you found in the pocket of someone’s dirty jeans. This Seven Days Home Lost Socks Bin, which can easily be mounted to the wall, gives you a space to place anything you find in pockets and is also a good spot to stick random floating socks so you can grab them later when you find the matching set.

Farmhouse Accessories Lost Socks Bin

Whether it's lost socks or random pocket stuff, these little bins are so handy.

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