America’s Test Kitchen Is Teaching Kids How to Cook on YouTube

A boy and girl wearing chef's hats covered in flour.
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Looking for a fun activity for the kids this summer? How are they with a spatula? America’s Test Kitchen just launched a YouTube channel for kids, so you can all (maybe) have a tastier summer.

The new channel is live now and is home to two new series. Wicked Good features seven episodes about a reformed evil scientist learning to cook and use his mind for good. As a part of his journey, he has his granddaughter, Zoe, test his recipes (and prevent him from going evil again).

The second series, Test Kitchen Kids Takeover, will debut on June 9, with weekly episodes featuring young chefs from around the United States making dishes and sharing tips and recipes.

Molly Birnbaum, editor in chief of America’s Test Kitchen Kids, said that the idea behind the two series is to show that cooking can be both easy and enjoyable.

“The channel is funny and warm, showing kids that cooking isn’t just attainable but also fun—a great way to express their personalities and see other kids just like them,” Birnbaum told Red Tricycle. “It’s the perfect expansion of our successful cookbook line, free website full of recipes, and podcast.”

If your kids like to cook, be sure to check out Disney’s kid-friendly recipes as well.

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