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Parmesan Garlic Pizza Rolls Are TikTok’s Latest Viral Recipe

Someone making a garlic butter parmesan topping for pizza rolls.

The internet has gone crazy over a new TikTok food hack, and this one is (somehow) even easier than most of the previous recipes we’ve shared. Remember pizza rolls? Well, this remix gives those childhood classics a tasty upgrade.

Pizza rolls aren’t new at all to most of us. These are the very same microwavable snacks from Totino’s that used to burn the absolute crap out of our mouths every day after school.

In fact, the new recipe comes straight from the brand so well known for those fried outer shells stuffed with marinara, cheese, and tiny bits of pepperoni. The TikTok version just ups the ante with more cheese and garlic butter.

In the video below, posted on Totino’s TikTok account, the demonstrator uses an air fryer to cook the pizza rolls. As they cook, a few bits of butter are placed in a glass dish and microwaved until melted.


The internet told me to do it. What should I try next?

♬ Taste It - Ikson

Then, a garlic press is used to add some flavor to the melted butter before throwing in some grated parmesan and parsley to achieve a fancy effect.

When the rolls are done, this mixture is poured over them, they’re tossed well, and boom! You have garlic parmesan pizza rolls. Think of it as a slightly more adult version of that classic afterschool snack.

If this hack inspires all you pizza-lovers out there, it’s time to up your homemade pizza game.

[Via PopSugar]

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