Here’s Why You Might Want to Save Those Plastic Plant Pots

Houseplants on a windowsill.

When you’re scrolling through Instagram and you see a home full of gorgeous potted houseplants, you might wonder just how difficult it is to take care of all that greenery. Well, there’s actually an easy plant-care trick that’ll allow them to thrive and simultaneously upgrade your décor.

If you’re a plant aficionado, then you probably already know that decorative pots aren’t always best for your plants. Many don’t even have water drainage holes, and not everyone has the necessary power tools to create them. No drainage means that your plant baby could drown from overwatering.

That’s where the cachepot system comes in. Danae Horst, founder of Folia Collective and author of Houseplants for All, explained this hack to Apartment Therapy.

Instead of repotting your new houseplant in a decorative piece, simply slip the plant and its original plastic pot into the prettier one. When it’s watering time, take the plant out, water it as usual, and then slip it back into its fancy home.

Nick Cutsumpas (aka Farmer Nick) said that this method also enhances your sustainability efforts.

“For smaller nursery pots, I love to use them for seed germination or to house cuttings to give away to friends,” Cutsumpas said. “You can even cut up a canvas bag and glue it to the outside of the nursery pot to give it a revamped and modern look.”

Now that you know the secret watering hack, how cool should you keep your plants?

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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