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You Can Literally Grill This Cheese … on Your Grill

Three round slices of rougette bonfire cheese is placed on a grill.
Champignon North America/YouTube

You’re probably familiar with a grilled cheese sandwich, but as it turns out, there’s a cheese that you can literally cook on your actual grill.

Now, before you start slapping mozzarella on those grates, this technique requires a specific type of cheese. Rougette’s Seasonal Bon-Fire Cheese is made in Germany from pasteurized cow’s milk and features a thick rind that allows it to be plopped on the grill with no sticky messes.

Its taste is often compared to Brie, but when grilled, it takes on that smoky flavor that you’re used to in grilled meats and veggies.

Flynne Wiley, CEO of Champignon North America, says that the rind on Bon-Fire Cheese gets the same char-marks that you’re used to seeing on other grilled foods. However, the inside becomes gooey like fondue with a crispy outer edge.

Wiley also recommends pairing the cheese with common charcuterie staples, like meat, pickles, and ham. If you really want to go crazy, you can just eat it like a cheeseburger without the burger. The cheese forms a perfect patty for an indulgent meal.

But now the bad news: Rougette’s can be pretty difficult to track down. There’s a handy finder tool on the brand’s website.

Alas, if you can’t find any Rougette’s near you, you can comfort yourself with a good old-fashioned grilled cheese.

[Via Inside Hook]

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