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10 Gourmet Ice Creams You Can Make at Home

Bowl of peach ice cream; cones of chocolate pretzel ice cream; a silver mug of caramel toffee ice cream
Two Cups Flour/Spices in My DNA/Heather’s Home Bakery

Making ice cream at home is a time-honored summer tradition, but it can get a little boring making the same simple flavors over and over. If you’re ready to up your at-home ice cream game, then these deluxe recipes are for you!

Some of these require a traditional ice cream machine, while others are the no-churn kind. Whether you love fresh summer fruits in your ice cream or decadent chocolate or caramel, you’re sure to find a new recipe on this list that fits the bill!

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Ice Cream

Side and overhead shots of ice cream cones filled with chocolate pretzel ice cream
Spices in My DNA

Who needs deluxe pints of ice cream from the store when you can make this decadent deliciousness at home? It’s the perfect combination of rich creamy dark chocolate and peanut butter, and salty, crunchy of pretzel bits.

Cuisinart 1.5-Quart Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker

Craft this tasty treat in a high quality ice cream maker.

You add just enough pretzels to get some texture and a bit of salty contrast in this sweet summer indulgence.

Get the Recipe: Spices in My DNA

Blueberry Crumble Ice Cream

A scoop of blueberry ice cream in a cone; a tray of ice cream being scooped
Sally’s Baking Addiction

It doesn’t get more summery than fresh berries and ice cream! Try this fruity, summery flavor made with a vanilla base, gooey blueberry swirl, and a brown sugar crumble, all mixed together.

It’s like an ice cream version of your favorite blueberry cobbler. Nothing beats this dessert on a hot summer evening.

Get the Recipe: Sally’s Baking Addiction

Vegan Chocolate Chip No-Churn Ice Cream

A tray of chocolate chip ice cream with a scoop in it, with a bowl of ice cream next to it
Heather’s Home Bakery

Get all the dark, rich chocolate flavor of your favorite chocolate ice cream with a vegan twist. This recipe substitutes condensed coconut milk, dairy-substitute half-and-half and cream, and dairy-free “chocolate” chips.

Mueller Electric Hand Mixer

You'll need a hand mixer for this recipe.

You also add some top-notch cocoa powder to give it a deep, delicious flavor.

Get the Recipe: Heather’s Home Bakery

Easiest Raspberry Shortcake Ricotta Ice Cream

Ice cream cones with ice cream and raspberries inside.
Half-Baked Harvest

The ricotta in this ice cream provides a super-easy (and delicious) alternative to the usual milk-and-egg ice cream base.

The main event is the creamy, delicious raspberry ice cream (with a hint of lemon to bring out the flavor), but the “shortcake” comes in with crumbled biscuits sprinkled throughout for texture.

Get the Recipe: Half-Baked Harvest

No-Churn Coffee Oreo Ice Cream

A tub of coffee Oreo ice cream, with two cones and one scoop
Broma Bakery

This creamy, chocolatey treat is easy to make and semi-unexpected, as it combines two flavors you might not initially think would pair well, but actually do.

Nordic Ware Loaf Pan

You'll use loaf pans to freeze your ice cream with this recipe.

The base calls for instant coffee, then the Oreo chunks are folded in for texture and to add a mocha-adjacent flavor. It’s one part milk and cookies and one part espresso.

Get the Recipe: Broma Bakery

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

A bowl of strawberry ice cream; a tub of the same ice cream with a scooped-out center line
Handle the Heat

This fruity, tart, and sweet ice cream tastes almost exactly like transforming your favorite cheesecake into a creamy frozen dessert!

The trick to getting the very best flavor is roasting the strawberries. This brings out the flavor of the strawberry base, scattered chunks, and graham cracker pieces in a different way.

Get the Recipe: Handle the Heat

No-Churn Toffee Caramel Ice Cream

Side and overhead views of a scoop of caramel toffee ice cream in a silver mug
Heather’s Home Bakery

Who doesn’t love a gooey, rich ice cream? Packed with toffee and caramel and made using a sweetened condensed milk no-churn base, this recipe produces a smooth, delicious ice cream.

Sweese 101.002 Porcelain Bowls

Serve up your ice cream in these adorable bowls.

It’s easier to make than you might think. You start with a rich vanilla base, add swirls of buttery caramel, and finish by mixing in chunks of English toffee.

Get the Recipe: Heather’s Home Bakery

Blackberry Waffle Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Three waffle cones of blackberry ice cream; a closeup of the swirled ice cream in a tub
Broma Bakery

Blackberry and chocolate might not seem like the most natural of combinations, but they make a surprisingly delicious pairing in this summery treat.

Again, you start with a basic vanilla base, then swirl in some flavorful blackberry jam. You then add crunchy waffle-cookie bits and rich dark chocolate chips for an ice cream that’s as layered in texture as it is in flavor.

Get the Recipe: Broma Bakery

Homemade Peach Ice Cream

Top and side view of a bowl of peach ice cream
Two Cups Flour

Now, we present the most summery of fruits combined with the most summery of desserts! This lightly spiced, fresh-and-fruity ice cream features sweet, gooey, cinnamon-laden peaches.

OXO Good Grips Classic Ice Cream Scoop

A quality scoop will ensure the best serving possible.

They’re mixed into a classic ice cream base for a churned, sweet treat that truly tastes like summer in a bowl. You can cut your peaches as chunky or as small as you’d like.

Get the Recipe: Two Cups Flour

Vegan Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Two images of chocolate chocolate-chip ice cream
What Molly Made

Looking for a healthier, faster alternative to traditional ice cream recipes? Try this four-ingredient, totally vegan version that doesn’t even require a fancy ice cream maker!

It gets its creaminess from nut butter and frozen bananas, plus almond milk and your favorite cocoa powder, for a creamy dessert that’s way better than any store-bought soft serve.

Get the Recipe: What Molly Made

After you’ve tried all the no-churn recipes here, you might want to invest in an ice cream machine so you can give all the others a go. You won’t regret it!

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