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Recent Research Revealed This Might Prevent Alzheimer’s

A man sleeping.
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You’ve likely already heard that activities like gardening and reading can help you maintain cognitive function throughout life. Now, new research shows that something even simpler can stave off Alzheimer’s.

In a new study, scientists discovered that brain activity dependent on deep sleep can help the body eliminate toxic proteins related to Alzheimer’s disease.

According to this research, Alzheimer’s begins when the protein amyloid-β and tau start collecting in the brain, roughly 10-20 years before the disease is actually diagnosed.

However, when you enter deep sleep, cerebrospinal fluid can help eliminate waste (and these proteins) from the body. If you never get enough sleep or don’t enter deep sleep, those proteins can continue to build and, potentially, lead to the disease.

A note in the study mentions that the findings don’t necessarily equal a cause-and-effect situation. Of course, getting enough deep sleep is good for everyone for many reasons, so it’s a worthwhile goal, whether you’re worried about Alzheimer’s or not.

If you feel like your rest has been lacking lately, it might be time to try some of these tips for getting better sleep.

[Via EatingWell]

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