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A grill, sink, and dining area on a patio.
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The housing market is pretty wild right now, and obviously, if you’re looking to sell, you want to get the most you can for your property. According to home designers, one way to do so is by focusing on the outdoor space.

Kevin Lenhart, design director at Yardzen, told Apartment Therapy that spaces to entertain friends and family members are a hot commodity right now, but they can come in a multitude of ways. Lenhart specifically cited dining areas under pergolas and seating areas around firepits.

However, his overall recommendation is to create “hardscaping that serves as a multifunctional platform for entertaining, exercising, or relaxing.”

“Though those specific additions might not come with the home when you sell it,” Lenhart said, “an outdoor space [that is] ready for living and doesn’t require a ton of fixing up immediately communicates value beyond the four walls of the home.”

Lenhart’s suggestion echoes the previously predicted trends for 2021. Back in January, exterior spaces were cited as the major design element of the year.

In April, John McClain, a home design professional, stated in an interview with Forbes that outdoor spaces that bring indoor amenities outside (like kitchens) were a major selling point.

So, if you’ll soon be putting your place on the market, be sure to give that patio a good sprucing up.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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