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Stop Foot Blisters Before They Start with These Topical Treatments

Someone puts on socks, someone sprays something onto their foot, someone rubs a purple stick onto their foot

Whether you’re breaking in a new pair of running shoes or exploring a new city on foot, nothing is more annoying than blisters. These products can stop blisters from forming, so nothing slows you down.

Blisters form as a result of freezing, burning, and infection to protect the skin from further damage. One of the most common causes is prolonged friction in the same spot. This can happen when you wear a new pair of shoes that continuously rub the same spot on your foot.

These products will help prevent those annoying (and painful) blisters from forming in the first place, so you can keep moving comfortably.

BodyGlide Foot Balm

Someone rubs a purple balm stick onto their foot

The best way to prevent friction blisters is to reduce the friction in the first place. This foot balm can be rubbed onto blister-prone areas of your feet (or anywhere on your body). It creates a smooth surface that doesn’t rub uncomfortably.

This solid balm isn’t greasy and goes on dry for all-day protection. It also won’t stop you from sweating or trap any heat, so you won’t even notice you’ve got it on.

KT Blister Prevention Tape

A container of blister prevention tape and someone has tape on their ankle
KT Tape

Another way to stop uncomfortable rubbing on your feet is to tape the areas that might get irritated. Cut off a piece of this blister prevention tape and cover the area before you put on your shoes.

Made of synthetic fibers, this tape conforms to your feet and stays in place for up to two days. It works best on the larger areas of the feet, but can be trimmed down to fit toes, if necessary.

Balega Blister Resistant Socks

Someone puts on a pair of blue and green socks

If you tend to get blisters while running or exercising, throw on a pair of these blister-resistant socks before putting on your sneakers. Exercise-induced blisters are often caused by moisture on the skin, which increase friction all over the feet.

They’re made of special materials that regulate temperature, wick away moisture, and provide superior ventilation to keep feet cool and dry. The seamless toe box and high-volume cushioning ensure that any chafing is prevented, as well.

PreHeels Blister Prevention Spray

A white and pink bottle of blister spray and someone sprays it on their fooot

This unique blister prevention spray uses a scientifically advanced formula to create a flexible and durable barrier on the skin. It will block friction and can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing blisters.

Because it’s a spray that you apply directly to your feet, this product works well with all types of shoes. It’s also not sticky and will last all day without rubbing off.

2Toms BlisterShield

Someone holds a blue and white bottle of a blister powder and hold a sock in their other hand

2Toms BlisterShield is a silicone-based powder that keeps your skin silky smooth and friction free. It’s also talc-free, making it a great option for anyone with allergies.

This unique powder stays dry all day and won’t rub off due to the extra moisture that accumulates on your feet. It actually repels moisture to create a surface with minimal friction and maximum comfort.

RunGoo Blister Prevention Cream

A purple and white container of foot cream and several single-use packets
Foot Kinetics

If you want something that feels like a regular lotion, check out RunGoo. This unique cream contains moisturizing ingredients and two types of wax that create a barrier between your feet and shoes or socks.

This heavy-duty lotion won’t stain or leave behind any sticky residue. It can also help limit the formation of calluses, which can sometimes be just as painful as blisters.

Gold Bond Powder

Two turquoise bottle of Gold Bond Powder and someone running
Gold Bond

Gold Bond is a staple for anyone who experiences chafing or itching. However, you might not have known this medicated body powder can help prevent foot blisters, too.

It also contains 0.8% menthol, which provides a cooling effect that feels great on hot, sweaty feet. It also helps control odor, which is a nice bonus.


A box of Dr. Scholl's moleskin and someone puts a piece on their foot
Dr. Scholl’s

While moleskin is most commonly used to help blisters heal, you can also use it to provide padding for the areas on your feet and toes that are prone to irritation. Just cut out the size you need, peel off the backing, and apply the sticky side to the area.

Moleskin is a little thicker than the KT tape we covered above, so it’s best used with sandals or shoes that have plenty of wiggle room. It also works better on the outside of your feet than between your toes.

If you regularly have to deal with blisters on your feet or toes, try some of these products to stop them before they start. The shoes you wear can go a long way in preventing blisters from forming, as well—especially if they fit you right.

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