How to Make Sure Your Movie Popcorn Is Evenly Buttered

A woman inserts a plastic straw into a bucket of popcorn and drains butter through it from the dispenser.

Summer has always been the time for blockbuster movie releases. As we all finally head back to theaters, you’ll want to make sure your movie popcorn is evenly buttered, and this TikTok hack will show you how!

TikTok content creator, @colleenlepp, posted a video showing how she gets her popcorn perfectly coated at the movies. If your local theater has a self-serve butter dispenser, just grab an extra straw and shove it down into your popcorn.

Then, at the dispenser, drop the butter into the straw so it can reach the popcorn at the bottom, and you’ll have perfectly buttered corn for your movie. Just be careful when you remove the straw as it’ll be messy,


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In the video, Colleen explains that she loves buttered popcorn, but hates when it doesn’t reach the whole bucket. Fortunately, her aunt taught her this trick. She admits that lining up the butter and straw can get tricky, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

If you’re not planning on heading to the movies any time soon, though, here’s what’s new on Netflix.

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