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Confused About All Those Beef Cuts? This Handy Chart Will Help

There are a lot of different cuts of beef. If you’re looking for an easy point of reference to compare different cuts and cooking methods, this chart from the beef industry packs a whole lot of information in a small space.

Brisket point? Briskey flat? Cross rib chuck roast? While this chart, courtesy of the Federation of State Beef Council’s Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner initiative, won’t give you a perfect recipe for chuck roast or tri-tip steak, it will teach you what kind of cooking method to use for chuck roast and where the tri-tip steak comes from on the cow. It’ll also give you a good overview of what kind of fattiness to expect in a particular cut of meat.

Not only is that just interesting if you’re into cooking and grilling, but it’s a great way to start your next kitchen adventure. Want to stew? Look for a meat cut that pairs well with slow cooking. Want to roast? Look for a large roast-friendly cut.

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