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Taking Your Dog on a Hike? Here’s All the Gear You’ll Need

A dog wearing a rabbitgoo harness, a dog in a Ytonet backpack, and a dog with a Ruff Products barkbowl attached to his collar.
rabbitgoo/Ytonet/Ruff Products

Planning a fun hike with your furry pal this summer? We’ll help you prepare with a few tips and a list of all the gear you’ll need for an enjoyable day outdoors with your doggo.

Whether you’re new to dog ownership, hiking, or both, taking your pup on the park trails is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get you both some exercise.

Here, you’ll find some essential info every hiker should have before heading out, as well as a list of necessary items you’ll need for your pooch.

What You Need to Know Before Hiking with Your Pooch

Before we delve into all the great gear you need for a comfortable day on the trail, it’s important to inform yourself about where you plan to hike. Below are just of few of the things you need to know:

  • Make sure dogs are allowed: Some trails have strict rules against bringing pets along. From trampling over fragile vegetation to problems with pet waste, each park or trail has its own reasons for not allowing pets. Be sure to do your research beforehand.
  • Know the park’s rules for dogs: Even if a park allows dogs, it’s always wise and respectful to inform yourself about the rules for hiking with one. Typical rules include picking up waste and ensuring your dog is always leashed, but all parks differ, so again, be sure to read up beforehand.
  • Bring water and food: This one seems like a no-brainer, but keep in mind that you exert lots of energy when hiking along various terrains. Even if it’s a short trail, be sure to pack plenty of food for your pooch, as well as plenty of water for both of you.
  • Bring the right gear: This can make or break your experience. Plus, if you plan to do more hiking with your pal in the future, you’ll have everything you need.

So, on that last note, check out our top picks for the best hiking gear for both humans and canines.

OneTigris Dog Pack

Two images featuring dogs wearing their OneTigris dog pack.

When you plan on spending a few hours out on the trail, packing for you and your dog can mean for a heavy backpack. Give your dog their very own pack to help carry the load.

The OneTigris dog pack is specially designed with two main pockets to carry their bowl, food, water, and treats! Be sure to read up on how heavy (or light) your dog’s pack should be depending on their size and weight to ensure they will also enjoy their hike.

The vintage rucksack design provides an outdoorsy appearance perfect for the trails. Choose from the three earthy tones and two sizes available for purchase.

Ytonet Pet Carrier Backpack

Two images featuring the Ytonet dog carrier backpack. The left image features a hiker carrying their dog by the beach, and the right image features a young child petting their dog by the ytonet carrier.

The Ytonet pet carrier backpack is designed to carry smaller pets and a great option for dogs with disabilities. It offers them accessibility to the beautiful views and the great outdoors.

The pet carrier backpack provides roomy space and plenty of ventilation, as it features four breathable mesh windows. This allows your pup to look around and feel the cool breeze on his furry little face.

rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Two dogs wearing rabbitgoo harnesses.

When taking your dog out for a hike, keep in mind there are several distractions, like other hikers and wildlife, which might send your dog on an exciting escapade.

Harnesses offer better control than collars and discourage pulling. These factors are beneficial when you are out on a hike and need to conserve your energy for inclines and rocky terrain.

Choose from the 12 available colors, and be sure to check out the sizing chart to ensure you select a snug yet comfortable fit for your dog.

PPWW Safety Light-Up Dog Collar

A dog wearing a PPWW light up dog collar.

The PPWW safety light-up collar is an excellent tool to have if you spend a little more time on the trail than anticipated. You’ll always know where your dog is when the sun starts to fade to darkness.

Aside from hiking, these are great for taking your dog out for night walks out in the country or even in the city. Keep your dog safe with a collar that will glow brightly.

Pick-Up Bags

A dog in the woods along side of a full large pet n pep baggie.
Pet N Pet

“Leave no trace” applies to dogs, too. That means when your doggie has to go, your responsibility as the pet owner is to remove it from the trail. These Pet N Pet poop bags help you do just that.

Ruff Products Collapsible Dog Bowl

Two images: The left image features a dog carrying a ruff collapsible bowl on their collar and the right iamge features a dog drinking from a Ruff barkbowl.
Ruff Products

Save on space and weight with a Ruff product collapsible dog bowl. These food-safe bowls are perfect for taking anywhere, especially outside for a day on the trail.

Use the handy carabiner to hook it to your (or your dog’s) pack and then it’s right there whenever she needs a gulp of H20. You can choose from five colors, and be sure to grab an extra one for food if you’re going camping.

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

Two images displaying the sawyer products water filtration system. The left image displays all four colors available, and the right image shows a hiker filtering water into her water bottle.
Sawyer Products

If you plan on spending several hours on your hike and worry about not being able to pack enough water, a mini filtration system is a fantastic backup plan.

Even if you don’t plan to spend a long time outdoors, emergencies come up, and having a filtration system handy to ensure you have lots of safe water to drink can save you and your dog’s life.

It might seem a bit extra, but a mini filtration system at an unbeatable price is better than a costly vet bill caused by drinking bacteria-filled water.

Merrick Backcountry Jerky Dog Treats

A large selection of Merrick Backcountry dog foods and treat selections.

If you plan on packing some jerky for yourself, be sure to grab a bag for your pooch, too. There are several flavors available. Be sure to offer some up as a treat to your pupper on breaks or as a reward for some trail training during the day.

Hiking with your furry best buddy is a great way to recharge your mind and body. Now, that you have all the right hiking gear for your dog, make sure you have everything you need, as well.

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