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How to Keep Sand Off Your Beach Items with a Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet held down by four coolers on a beach.

When you think of beach must-haves, a cooler, towels, and SPF, probably come to mind, not a fitted sheet. But here’s why you might want to pack one.

TikTok content creator, @rrrachelaustinnn, posted a clever hack for keeping sand out of your beach towels and food with a fitted sheet. Essentially, you use the sheet and some coolers (or other heavier items) to create your own little beach cabana.

In the video below, Austin uses four coolers to anchor a fitted sheet on the beach. She then places one cooler on each corner to both hold down the bottom of the sheet and lift up the sides to form a sort of walled-off nook.

She then places a bucket of water next to the sheet to rinse her feet before stepping inside completely mess-free.


You asked for it, so here is how I put together my sand free beach set up #momhack #beachhack beachvibes #lifehack #hack

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Of course, everyone who heads to the beach knows they’re going to have to deal with sand. But if you’re tired of it irritating your skin and getting all over everything, this hack is definitely worth it, especially if you’ve got a big group and a king-size sheet.

Make sure you have everything else you need before you head to the coast, so everyone can have some fun in the sun and stay safe.

[Via Hunker]

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