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You Can Clean Your Grill with This Vegetable


Closeup of charcoal grill with cooking skewered veggies and meats.

Just like your stove, your grill can get pretty dirty. From grease to caked-on food, scrubbing it down might seem daunting, but there’s an easy hack for this!

Those with cast-iron grate grills likely already know that water is a no-no as it’ll cause rust and impact the effectiveness of the grill. Yes, there are grill cleaners, but if you want something totally natural, grab an onion!

Once you’re done grilling, keep the coals going. Slice an onion in half and stick it on a grilling fork,  then start scrubbing those grates. Thanks to the heat and the onion’s antibacterial properties, the caked-on food, grease, and sauce will begin to melt away.

While this should be enough to get the grates clean, if you’ve got some extra-stubborn grates, try adding some lemon juice or white wine vinegar to help break down those hard-to-get bits.

Shea Simmons Shea Simmons
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