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You Can DIY These Viral Snuffle Mats for Your Dog

Potted carrot and plant snuffle mats, and a dog eating out of a sunflower snuffle mat.

Just when you thought your pet might have enough toys, there’s a DIY going viral that’ll have you heading to the craft store. Snuffle mats are the latest craze in dogland, and they’re super easy to make.

So, what is a snuffle mat? In terms of usage, it’s a tool that prevents your dog from scarfing down her food in two seconds. (The mat’s name comes from that snuffling noise dogs make when they eat.)

Think of it as a softer version of those puzzle feeders you can make yourself. Snuffle mats are typically made of strips of some sort of fabric that you hide treats or kibble between for some interaction or to slow down your pet’s eating pace.

If you’re up for some DIY, you’ll need a rubber mat with holes (think restaurant or bar mats), a utility knife to cut it to the size you want, some fleece, and scissors or a rotary cutter. Count the number of holes in the mat, then multiply by two. That’s how many fleece pieces you’ll need to cut.

Split the fleece into 7-inch long x 1.5-inch wide strips. They can be messy and uneven because, hello, your dog is going to drool all over this, after all. After they’re all cut, thread each one through two adjacent holes, pull it forward, then tie it onto the rubber.

Continue doing this until all of the rows are completed. Then, rotate the mat 90 degrees and repeat. After you’re done, you should have a fluffy new toy for your pup.

If you need some help, there are plenty of tutorials (like the one below) on YouTube.

If you prefer, of course, you can just buy a snuffle mat. There are some pretty adorable ones available, like this one that looks like a potted plant or lily pad. You can also get a sunflower or this carrot for puppies.

[Via Daily Paws]

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