This Faux Plant Cleaning Hack Is Affordable and Brilliant

Someone wearing white cotton gloves and dusting the leaves of a faux plant with them.
Ciara Benko/Instagram

There are a lot of tedious tasks involved in cleaning your home. If you have any faux plants, wiping down every single leaf is almost certainly one of them. Thankfully, though, someone shared a trick for this on Instagram.

Ciara Benko (@thejungleupstairs) posted the hack to her account, and it’s honestly genius. While some use rags or towels to clean the leaves of their faux plants, it gets really time-consuming. You have to clean both sides of the leaves, while being careful not to tear them.

Benko has a solution for all of this. Instead of a towel, she opts for a pair of simple cotton gloves.

In the video below, Benko explains that the gloves allow her to get into the “nooks and crannies” of the plants because she’s essentially just wrapping her gloved hand around the leaves. This makes it easy to free both the tops and undersides of the leaves of dust and dirt.

While you’ll still have to wipe each leaf individually, the process is gentler and quicker, because you’re getting both sides simultaneously. And of course, as the gloves are cotton, it’s sustainable—you can just wash and reuse them as needed.

Now that you know how to clean your faux plants more quickly, you might want to add some of this gorgeous faux ivy to your décor.

[Via EatingWell]

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