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Interior Designers Say This Material Is Timeless

A black marble countertop in a yellow kitchen.
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Trends come and go in interior design. That’s why we look back on some ’70s and ’80s interiors and think, “Oh, my god, no.” According to designers, though, there’s one material that’ll never go out of style.

Thanks to its classic aesthetic, marble has made its way into nearly all areas of the home. Designers and real estate agents cite everything from its versatility to the way it ages as reasons why you can always add a good marble accent or feature to your home.

Amanda Thompson, interior designer and CEO at ALine Studio, told Apartment Therapy that marble is so versatile because it comes in a wide variety of colors and variations, making it easy to customize. It also plays well with a wide variety of other design styles. Farmhouse? Yep. Modern? Definitely good there, as well.

For those who prefer a more pristine look—especially in the kitchen—marble might not be the way to go. White marble ages and scars over time.

However, according to Lindsay Todd, principal designer and owner of Lindsay Todd Design studio, if you like a bit of character, marble is a great option. She tells the outlet,

“The marks and scratches tell the story,” Todd said. “Whether it’s the splatter of red wine from last night’s dinner among friends or the etching of lemon and citrus from making lemonade. If your client is one that can appreciate that aspect of the material, then I would recommend it time and time again.”

Not ready to fully commit to marble (or its price tag)? Try out one of these wallpapers instead or a marble paint kit.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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