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Shake Shack Has Entered The Chicken Sandwich Wars

Two hot honey chicken sandwiches shit on top of Shake Shack paper next to fries and chicken bites.
Shake Shack

Welcome back to another episode of the Chicken Sandwich Wars. This time, the restaurant entering the fight is Shake Shack and its new Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich.

If you’re already a fan of the chain, you know it’s most well-known for its burgers. But it also already has a fried chicken sandwich. The new one, though, combines spice and sweetness in a debut spice blend that you can actually make for yourself.

The new sandwich is a “honey-glazed crispy chicken breast topped with habanero mayo sauce and shredded lettuce on a toasted potato bun.” The hot honey chicken seasoning will also be available in the brand’s chicken bites and on its fries. The key is that spicy-sweet seasoning, and Inside Hook got the scoop on how to make it yourself.

The outlet spoke with executive chef and VP of culinary innovation John Karangis about the secret new seasoning, and while he didn’t reveal the brand’s exact blend, he did give people a blend of what’s inside. According to Karangis, the hot honey seasoning is a blend of honey granules, cayenne pepper, chipotle powder, garlic powder, aji amarillo pepper, vinegar powder, smoked paprika, onion powder, and salt. Combine and sprinkle over the food of your choice.

If you’re not into spice, though, you can always try making Shake Shack’s cheese sauce instead.

[Via Inside Hook]

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