This Is the Most Popular Garden Renovation

A firepit in the middle of a stone patio.

While your outdoor space is likely already in full swing, if you’re looking to spruce things up even more, there’s one feature in particular you might want to add.

Flower Card used Google search data to determine the biggest garden renovation trends in the United Kingdom. As the whole world has been spending more time outdoors over the last year, the company’s findings are likely pretty accurate for the United States, as well.

Turns out the most popular thing people were looking to add to their outdoor spaces was a firepit. The feature was searched 4.8 million times between June 2020 and June 2021. The timing of this renovation’s popularity couldn’t be better, either.

While your summertime cocktail-sipping oasis is probably a done deal right now, autumn and cooler temps will be here before you know it. What better way is there to keep those outdoor get-togethers going all night than with a firepit?

They don’t have to be fancy, either. Sure, you can have one installed as part of your landscaping, but you can also buy a freestanding version for an easier upgrade.

If you’re ready to add one, be sure to check out our fave firepits and tables.

[Via Country Living]

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