This Style of Art Is the Most Popular According to Instagram

A floral painting and accents in a blue and white living room.

If you’ve been looking for some new wall art to decorate your space, a social media survey has unveiled which styles are trending on Instagram.

Singulart, an online magazine about art and artists, traced the most popular types of art on Instagram. Using the analysis tool, Linkfluence, the publication pulled hashtag data from Instagram over the last 30 days. It then compared it to the same data from this time last year to determine any changes in trends.

Finally, using the tool again, the site recorded the sentiments behind the posts to determine the types of art that received the most positive reactions.

Based on Singulart’s survey, floral art is the most popular option on Instagram. It saw a 46.5% increase over the last 12 months, with the highest positivity rate at 76%. In the same vein, nature-based art was also popular, and the site posits that it’s all thanks to the pandemic.

With people having to spend more time indoors over the last year, Singulart speculated that many were likely looking for a bit of escapism and a way to bring nature indoors. Enter, florals and other nature-inspired art.

The magazine also found that geometric styles, Surrealism, abstracts, and psychedelic art were also gaining more popularity on Instagram.

Curious which other forms of art were most popular? You can find them all on Singulart. After you decide which style is for you, it’s time to deck those walls!

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