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Keep That Aluminum Foil Roll in the Box with This Hack

A woman showing how to punch out holes in the sides of an aluminum foil package.

When it comes to common household items, you probably don’t give much thought to their packaging. But, as a recent TikTok video demonstrates, aluminum foil’s packaging might just be one of the most innovative things in your kitchen.

TikTok content creator, @caseyfisherlail, demonstrated a hack her husband taught her for getting aluminum foil out of its container. As she shows in the video below, sometimes, when you begin to unroll the foil, the entire roll nearly comes out of the container.

She then turns the package around to show the two perforated holes on either side. Using her index finger, she pokes the cardboard inward without removing the perforated pieces. This essentially creates a roller on which the tube of tinfoil now sits that prevents it from coming out.

Not bad, eh?


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Evidently, this is a widespread problem. Last year, another video demonstrating a similar trick with parchment paper also went viral. All you have to do for that particular hack is slip the flap on the top half of the container into the bottom half of the packaging to always create a straight edge. And yes, this hack works with aluminum foil, as well.

So next time your foil roll wants to pop out, just remember those two little holes on the sides. For another cool packaging hack, check out this one for keeping your McDonald’s French fries warm on the way home from the drive-thru.

[Via Hunker]

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