Those Color-Coded Pantries on Instagram Might Be on the Way Out

Three color-coded pantry shelves.

You’ve probably seen one of those rainbow color-coded pantries or closets by now. They look amazing, but according to some pros, when it comes to organizing trends, they’re on their way out.

Apartment Therapy spoke with organizing experts on trends they foresee losing popularity, and, surprisingly, those social media darlings, color-coded spaces, are on their way out.

The phenomenon really took off last year, when people were looking to spruce up their spaces, and The Home Edit debuted on Netflix. The series, which follows the co-founders of an organization company, showcased perfectly labeled closet, pantry, and cabinet shelves, all manicured in rainbow-colored rows that were aesthetically pleasing, but arguably difficult to maintain.

Now, the pressure is off.

Pamela Meluskey and Larisa Bright, founders and principal organizers at Settled agree that, while the look certainly had its day in the sun and they were totally on board for it, it’s just not sustainable in the long run.

“As people continue to live with their space,” Meluskey said, “we wouldn’t be surprised to see the beloved but domineering rainbow motif take a back seat to bespoke styles, like softer, more neutral palettes, or other bold monochrome looks.”

A move toward a “softer” look could take many forms, so it also allows a bit more freedom. For example, you could purchase bins in a single color to achieve a monochromatic look for your closet. Or, if you’re working on organizing your pantry, opt to empty things into clear containers with labels for a sleek, minimalist look.

For more help tidying up those kitchen cabinets and drawers, a few sturdy organizers should do the trick.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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